Self Love – Rajasthani Attire (Long Skirt)

As my love for fashion is never gonna fade away also it also keeps me happy and motivated. As soon a photographer friend planned to move in the city, the plans for photo shoot were made long before his moving. All dresses lined up, weekends freezed, places to visit done. Being residing in the city so much influenced by Indian culture and dressing, I planned to get the first shoot in ethnic wear.

After being long kept and rested in my wardrobe it was finally a chance to take out my Jaipuri print long skirt. I always wanted some of my best pics in that skirt since I bought it but never got a chance and occasion to bring out best from that skirt. The print on the skirt is typical Rajasthani print which I got when I first visited Jaipur – the pink city.

Putting that skirt up with the white and golden lined sparkle crock top just made justice to the skirt. Also the photographer just did justice with his camera and bring out the best pictures.



Day of formal Dressup – Bright & Soft

“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

In Earlier days, “Formal” word itself had a definition that you had to get stuck with the classic black tie. Over the years the dressing pattern has evolved and a formal dressing is now influenced by the tinge of colors and style calling it as Semi formal look.

Usually I don’t dress up formally for work, but this bottle green shirt made me fall in love with it. The long sleeves and cuffs around provides the elegant and classic look. Keeping in mind the minute details the golden buttons at the cuffs makes it more attractive. Also, you can put up this shirt with jeans and can go out for casual day out.


This orange bow bag was patiently waiting in my wardrobe for o long for the perfect day out. The color contrast of grey and orange is looks very gracious that attracted my attention and forced me to buy the handbag. The handbag is an ideal pick with formal and casual wear. The soft leather stuff of the bag makes it easy to use and carry.




Spice of Indian wear with Western..!!

Meeting friends have always been a pleasure and a casual chill out day. After a long time me and one of my school friend decided to meet as were in the same city to celebrate the festival of Diwali. I am currently residing in “City of Nawabs” so what could better than mixing the Indian and western dressing style.

Recently, I got this Red Chikan Kurti with Neon Green out lining from Ameenabad, Lucknow. Lucknow Chikan work on clothes are quite famous all along the India. I decided to wear this Kurti with the low waist skin tight blue jeans. As the Kurti is quite long, it provide a modern as well as traditional look.

I would bring your attention that what provided more grace to the attire was the golden striped white  platform heels. These heels are quite eye catchy and a bit flaws in your attire can be easily ignored by these heels..!!

img_20161101_151509    img_20161101_151549

P.S: What adds more to your beauty in Indo-Western tradition is a “BINDI”

And Off-course a Big “SMILE”…!! 🙂 ❤

How Corporate World Spoiled me .. !!

When I entered the corporate world  I was a confident, positive & happy go girl with a motive to work hard, smart, ready to take new challenges & prove myself at every stage.

I just loved this corporate world and always used to fantasize about being a successful corporate women but….. not long this fantasy stayed, the myth just fell apart and I felt stuck in this fake world where everyone acts so different from what they really are.

Meeting corporate people just disappoints me, these double face people not ready to see the on ground reality & the consequences. I don’t know how these people make such compromises with there own life & personality, and choose to be fake. Also they expect the coming new generation in this world to practice the same.

I am just done with this fake world and I am gonna do whatever my heart says me to and will be happily responsible for my future life.

This is when I finally decided to start my blog.